If there are echoes of past and present  greats in Keely's musical realm, he has personally been influenced by them all.  He comes by this honestly. At an early age  his mentors and inspirations were many of the jazz giants which he listened to extensively. Keely grew up in Saint Louis Missouri and  soon became very active in musical combos as well as stage bands in high school. Keely’s greatest sources of inspiration and a powerful encouragement came from his aunt Norma who invigorated his passion for music; and his uncle Ben who upon Keely’s graduation from high school bestowed his first personally owned alto saxophone. He furthered his expertise by studying  in & out of college . Soon Keely realized he wasn't just an Alto player, but  strongly craved to play soprano,tenor,baritone  bass  ,contra bass and C melody saxophone, which he carefully added throughout the years to his prized collection.  After years of playing in bands under various names, what emerges from these experiences is not only an excellent and very likeable performer, but a gifted artist who's multiple instrumental voices are ready to be heard.
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